Do you usually get naked in a funny way with Wally?

" Its different each time, I mean we have had some pretty hilarious situations…..he would hate me if I went into detail!" image

When did you first started having feeling for wally?

Artemis thought about it and smiled, ” He`d like to believe that Ive always had a thing for him, but honestly at first he irritated me with his remarks. But to tell the truth it didn’t take very long after I joined the team before I began to have feelings for him. I mean I did have an attraction to Conner, but what I felt for Wally was deeper, and his comments to other women drove me crazy with jealousy.”

If you had kids with wally would you like them to have his speed abilities or would you like them to use the bow and arrow like you?

Artemis sat back and thought for a moment

" Regardless if they inherited any sort of powers or not I would be proud of them. She laughed, "But if they did have super speed like Wally it would be very cute to watch them with him training and running around all over the place." " If they did want to go into the hero business I would want them to learn archery with or without speed in order to be as prepared as possible."

How was your first night living with Wally? How do you guys sleep? If you guys sleep.. ;)

She smiled, “It was weird and nice at the same time, living with him was a completely new experience for me but Im so glad that I do.”

" As for sleeping arrangements, Wally tends to be a bed hog", she laughed, " and yes we do try to get some sleep." 

good morning, do you wear makeup?

"Good morning anon, I usually dont wear that much makeup, a little mascara or some lip gloss."

Out of breath “I got here as soon as I could!”

Out of breath “I got here as soon as I could!”

*smiles* YoushouldmarryWally.

" Hey you never know", Artemis giggled. "When I first joined the team I would have never thought that I would end up dating him, so who knows what will happen in the future."

so why dont you and your sister look alike?

"Its pretty obvious, I got my looks from my dad, while Jade got her looks from my mom." 

Hi there *waves* I'm your biggest fan like.... ever.

Artemis smiled and waved back, “Hi right back at ya, and thanks for the support, its always great to know I have fans like you!”